Sub-Basin Snow Water Equivalent (daily - midnight value)

Major Basin Snow Water Equivalent (daily - midnight value)

Snow Water Equivalent (SWE)

The amount of water contained in the snowpack. It is measured using the "Snow Pillow" at mountain SNOTEL sites, and measured by a Federal Snow Sampler at manual snowcourse measurements. It is a useful metric for gauging potential runoff from the melting of the snowpack in the Spring.

Mountain Precipitation - Month to Date (daily - midnight value)

Mountain Precipitation - Water Year to Date: Oct 1st - Current (daily - midnight value)

Mountain Precipitation

Measured at mountain SNOTEL sites using a storage gage and at valley COOP weather stations using a combination of tipping buckets and storage gauges. Precipitation data is measured hourly at many sites, but is only collected monthly for COOP weather stations by the NRCS' Air and Water Database (AWDB). As such, data for valley precipitation stations is only available for the monthly time period. 

Long-Range Forecasts

Forecasts of future temperature and precipitation, issued by NOAA's Climate Prediction Center (CPC), are presented below for information on the coming weeks. Forecasts with a period closer to todays date incorporate current model output through the next 14 days. Longer range forecasts use the current weather and jet stream patterns, as well as, historical data with similar conditions to forecast future weather. This data can also be directly accessed at the CPC's webpage, which can be found here.  

The Unofficial Montana Snow Survey